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Staying Fit During Life On The Road

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Health is a major concern for career drivers. This is especially true for owner-operators. Since owner-operators are often required to take jobs whenever the opportunity comes about, they often lack the regular schedule that over-the-road drivers often enjoy when they work for a company. The resulting lifestyle often takes it’s toll on a driver’s health–causing them to have a life expectancy of 16 fewer years than non-truckers. Fortunately, there are steps that owner-operators can take to significantly improve their health. Read More»

Heading To An Industry Convention? 3 Reasons To Transport Your Team Via Charter Bus

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Are you looking for a way to help your team see the big picture? Heading to that industry convention in another state might help your employees to understand the current culture of your business, while giving everyone the chance to connect on a personal level. Here are three reasons to transport your team via charter bus so that you can make the most of the experience: 1: Employees Will Be Present and On-Time Read More»

Six Water-Based Activities For Your Next Seaside Vacation

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So, you’ve decided on spending spring break or summer vacation at the beach. Whether you’re staying at a luxury beach resort such as Sands Resorts or summer cottage, there’s no reason to limit yourself to lying around in the sun or pampering yourself at the spa. If you love the water, there are several ways to get involved in water activities, for sport or leisure. Everything from kayak tours to whale watching and dolphin excursions can be scheduled into your agenda, if you’re up for the adventure. Read More»

4 Reasons You Need To Hire A Taxi For New Year's Eve

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For many people, New Year’s Eve parties include drinking alcohol. This year make sure you plan ahead of time to hire a taxi to take you to the party and back home so you won’t have to consider driving while you are intoxicated. Here are four reasons that you should hire a taxi instead of driving home drunk after your New Year’s Eve party. Your Life You are making a healthy choice when you choose to hire a taxi to take you home from your New Year’s Eve party this year. Read More»

7 Steps To Work Your Way Into A Career In Nursing

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Sometimes the idea of going to school full-time to be a nurse is a dream. Nursing school is intense and time-consuming, and you still need to work. Luckily, nursing is a career that you can work your way into slowly. Each step you accomplish can get you closer to your goal, while still earning a living at your job and paying your day-to-day bills.  1. CPR Training: CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a life-saving technique involving chest compression and assisted breathing. Read More»

10 Unique Hotel Amenities To Make Your Stay Terrific

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The hotel industry is trying to adjust to changes in what travelers want and expect out of a hotel.The Los Angeles Times reported that hotels are losing revenue because of the lack of phone calls being made from guest rooms and people not buying movies and other entertainment. To attract more guests, and their money, some hotels are offering unique an creative amenities. Here are ten.  Personalized Packages Hotels are thinking out of the box and offering specific packages to bring guests a better experience. Read More»

Considerations For Traveling To Florida With Your Dog

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With the temperatures falling rapidly in other areas of the country, many vacationers are looking at the Southern states as great destinations for weekend or week-long getaways. Between its theme parks, white sandy beaches and tropical climate, Florida is a favorite when it comes to wintertime vacation destinations. If you’re traveling with Fido in tow, you’ll need to think ahead a bit in order to make it a stress-free and safe trip for your furry friend. Read More»

4 Experiences That You Can Only Have At A Luxury Hotel

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If you’re considering staying at a luxury hotel for the first time, you may be a little shocked when you get a look at the hotel’s daily and weekly rates. But you get what you pay for, and luxury hotels are offering a lot more than just a room, a bed, and a continental breakfast. Staying at a 5-star hotel or resort is an experience that everyone should have at least once, and doing so can be a vacation adventure all on its own. Read More»