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10 Unique Hotel Amenities To Make Your Stay Terrific

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The hotel industry is trying to adjust to changes in what travelers want and expect out of a hotel. The Los Angeles Times reported that hotels are losing revenue because of the lack of phone calls being made from guest rooms and people not buying movies and other entertainment. To attract more guests, and their money, some hotels are offering unique an creative amenities. Here are ten. 

Personalized Packages

Hotels are thinking out of the box and offering specific packages to bring guests a better experience. One example of this in an in-room camping package for people with children. The hotel staff will actually pitch a tent in the room and provide guests with ingredients for s'mores and other camping activities. 

Another unique example of a hotel package is the "I Hate Valentine's Day" package where guests are treated to a gourmet dinner for one, a bottle of wine and a selection of break-up themed movies. 

Rent a Goldfish

You might have to leave your furry friends at home, but some hotels allow you to rent companionship in the form of a goldfish. Place the little fish's glass bowl on the desk or bedside table where you can talk to it and watch it swim. 

Sleep Concierge

If you're not sure how to get a good night's sleep while away from home, you can stay in a hotel with a sleep concierge. This is a professional who will analyze your sleeping habits and make suggestions for getting a good night's sleep. Services may include choosing special pillows or providing sleep inducing snacks. 

Pet Massage, Psychics and Aromatherapy

Bring your pet along for a vacation of its own. Many hotels are not only pet friendly but also provide services for pets. These can include a pet massage, an aromatherapy session and even time with a pet psychic who can tell you what your pet is thinking and feeling. 

Enormous Showers

Huge, luxurious showers have become popular amenities in the hotel industry. Guests enjoy the relaxation provided by multiple water jets, detailed temperature control and even places to sit and enjoy the water flowing over them. 


When you are staying in an historical hotel, you might be interested in learning about your own ancestors that were part of that culture. Some hotels hire a genealogist to help guests discover interesting facts about their families. 

In-Room Drink Mixing Demo

Even better than ordering a drink through room service is having the drink mixed in front of you by an expert. You can now stay at a hotel that offers the services of a mixology expert in the comfort of your hotel. Have the bartender mix up your favorite cocktail or get a demo on a drink that is new to you. 

Personalized Mini-Bar

Your mini-bar can be as unique as your personality. Stay in a hotel that offers a variety of mini-bar packages where you can choose what is available to you in your hotel room. 

Swimsuit Vending Machines

It's no problem if you forget your swimsuit at a hotel with a swimsuit vending machine. Guests can choose from available styles, feed some cash into the machine and have a brand new swimsuit in minutes. Some machines carry just two styles, one for men and one for women. Others provide more choices. 

Huge Wine Lists

Ordering a bottle of wine is a popular choice for hotel guests, especially when the trip is romantic in nature. However, sometimes the wine selection can be disappointing. Avoid this problem by choosing a hotel with its own well stocked wine cellar. This amenity allows you to choose a wonderful wine to complement your celebration or romantic evening. 

Whether it's a great drink, a huge shower or a pampered pet that makes you happy, you can find a hotel with amenities to make your stay as perfect as possible. When you're looking into hotels you can learn about their amenities by checking out their websites, like