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Reasons To Take A Guided Hike

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If you're interested in hiking but have no experience with this outdoor activity, you might feel a little intimidated about taking your first hike. Rather than allowing your uncertainty to keep you from enjoying this outing, think about hiring a guide who can lead your hike. It's easy to find services that specialize in guided hikes, and you can browse the options to find a location and length of a hike that will suit you and any people who may be joining you. There are lots of reasons that a guided hike can be a good idea for a novice, including the following points. 

Easier Navigation

One of the challenges of hiking, especially as a beginner, is navigating your route. An enjoyable hike can quickly become stressful when you realize that you're lost, which can sometimes happen in wooded areas that you're visiting for the first time. If you're not adept at navigation, it's better to book a guided hike. You won't have to worry about any navigational details. Instead, you can simply follow the route and enjoy the scenery. There's a good chance that your guide may share some tips about navigation with you if you're interested, which can help on future hikes.

Safer Experience

Booking a guide to lead your hiking adventure can also make it a lot safer. The presence of an experienced guide can be an asset in several ways. They'll know what route to take with safety in mind. For example, certain hiking areas have challenging terrain that isn't always suitable for a novice. Without a guide, you might walk into one of these areas without knowing the risks. A guide will keep you on a safer route. Additionally, the guide will know how to watch for signs of wild animals that may be present in the area, and will likely carry devices such as a bear horn or bear spray, which are things that you might not think to take on your own.


Not everyone has friends who are also interested in hiking. It's possible that you may want to take a hike but you don't have anyone who wishes to join you. Some people like solo hiking, while others may find that this activity is lonely. If you feel you'll be among the latter group, booking a guide will provide companionship during your outing. You'll enjoy hearing their various hiking stories and tips along the way, which can make for a fun and memorable experience.

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