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Benefits Of Using Monthly Airport Parking

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If you are going on a trip for a month or longer, you might be looking at options for what to do with your vehicle during that time. If your local airport offers a monthly parking rate, this might be an option worth exploring. Monthly parking at the airport can provide additional benefits you might not get at other types of parking lots. Here's why you should inquire with the local airport about a monthly parking rate.

Cameras and Gates

When you park at an airport, you can take advantage of all of the security features that these parking lots have built right in. For example, while it might be easy to drive onto the lot, you may not be able to get off of the lot without getting through a security gate or a manned booth. Airport parking lots also typically have a lot of security cameras that are designed to cover all parking spots. These security features can be a deterrent to theft and they can also keep someone from vandalizing your car. If there is an incident while you are away, the airport may be able to pull security footage to assist you.

Long-Term and Flexible

If you are going away indefinitely and don't have a safe place to put your car, monthly airport parking will give you the long-term flexibility that you need. If one month should turn into two or three, your car will continue to be just fine in its current parking spot at the airport. Contrast that with a more short-term lot near the airport and you might notice a time restriction is in place. Granted, you can't keep your car at the airport forever, there might be policies that will cut you off after six months or a year, for example, but the point is, you are going to have much more time to work with until you can get back to your vehicle.

Priority Parking

Some airports even give priority to people parking in the long-term or monthly lots. This means your car will be closer to the entrance to the airport. This could provide some additional peace of mind when it comes to security and it also means a shorter trip to and from the airport upon arrival or departure.

Save Money in the Long Run

You may also find that monthly parking at an airport is competitive with other options in your area. If you know you will be gone for 30 days or longer, the monthly lot at the airport may be the most cost-effective option. 

For more info about monthly airport parking, contact a local company.