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4 Amazing Benefits Of Disney World VIP Tours

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If you are planning to visit Disney World Resort with your family in the near future, then you're likely already wondering how to make the most of your time there. There are many options available to park visitors, but one that is often overlooked is the VIP Tour. While certainly not cheap, the VIP package has so many benefits included in it that it actually makes for a surprisingly good value for many families. Keep reading below for just four of the biggest ones.


Disney World VIP tours are all about flexibility. When booking a VIP tour, you not only get to pick the time you begin the tour (which lasts for a minimum of seven hours, including any breaks for food) but also where the tour starts. You can also choose to be picked up from any point in the resort by a private van or SUV or to meet at one of the parks.

Private Guide

Whether you've picked up or met at one of the parks, you'll immediately be greeted by a private tour guide who is an expert on all things Disney. If you haven't planned every part of your visit yet, they can make helpful suggestions. On the other hand, if you've already got your day down to a science, they can ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

No Waiting in Line

Perhaps the most attractive benefit of the Disney World VIP experience is the amount of time you save. It starts with getting from park to park, as your van or SUV will use private, backstage roads in order to get as quickly as possible from one place to another within the resort. But the biggest difference is how many hours you can save by moving to the front of the line at every ride. Because of this, you can spend your day actually enjoying the parks rather than standing and waiting. This time saved can even save you money, as many families can check off their list in seven or eight hours which would normally take two or three days.

Additional Access

The benefits of a Disney VIP experience aren't limited to the rides. The VIP package can also give you priority access to a huge variety of dining and entertainment options so that you don't have to sweat over a special dinner reservation or seats for the firework show.

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