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Key Tips For Getting The Most Benefit From Your First Marlin Fishing Trip

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If you have been eagerly anticipating your first fishing trip where your specific goal is to aggressively go after Marlin, it's important to learn from the knowledge of those who have gone before you. For instance, you might be surprised to discover that despite the significant weight of many marlin, it's often easier to catch them using a lighter-weight line. In addition, bait that was found live with as little as time as possible between its death and use is often more attractive to marlin. Therefore, it's a good idea to be aware of the following information when you want to get the best results from your first marlin fishing trip

Using The Most Appropriate Line

For many years, it was assumed that in order to catch the big marlin, you had to use one of the heavier lines. However, over time and after extended fishing trips it was noticed that the heavier lines often seemed to inspire the marlin to struggle more and make it harder to actually land them. In addition, it was harder on the persons actually negotiating the line and required more effort than you might care to exert. That is especially true, given that it might take several hours to bring in an enormous marlin after he is caught.     

If you're in doubt as to the size of the line that you should be selecting, it's best to consult with the captain of the vessel you're riding in.  

Choose The Right Bait

If you were a gigantic fish that might live up to 27 years deep in the ocean and ultimately weight close to 2,000 pounds, you would have earned the right to be a bit choosy about what you eat. Therefore, it's not very surprising to discover that marlin are known to have some very specific dining preferences.

For instance, they like live bait if possible and if that is not an option, you might have luck with bait that has only recently died. In addition, it makes sense that they aren't going to be tempted by the appetizer part of the meal and they often prefer to go straight to the protein heavy entree. For instance, school dolphin is a popular choice, as is mullet and mackerel. In addition, lures are commonly used, spread over a distance to maximize the opportunity of attracting the right fish.   

In conclusion, your first marlin fishing trip is probably something you have been anticipating for a long time. As a result, the advice shared above will be quite useful.