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Three Laid-Back, Non-Risque Bachelorette Party Ideas

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You may think of bachelorette parties as risque activities, but there are many brides who would actually prefer a "clean" bachelorette party. If you've been tasked with planning a bachelorette party for a lady who prefers prim and proper to inappropriate, then here are a few ideas for laid-back ways to celebrate the occasion:

A Wine Tour

Consider booking a wine tour for the bride and her guests! There are tour companies that will pick you up at a central location, transport you to anywhere from three to ten wineries, and also perform extra services like transporting the bottles you purchase and providing a historic tour of the area. If you live near a wine trail, you can just make this a day trip for the ladies. However, you may also want to look into areas a few hours away to explore wineries. You can stay the night in a bed and breakfast, embark on a wine tour the next day, and then finish up the event with a fancy dinner. 

Wine tours can get a little expensive when you're paying for multiple people, so this is definitely a "pay your own way" type of activity. Figure out what the event will cost per person, and include that information in the invitation so guests are not surprised when they owe you. You can either split the price of the bride's ticket between all of the members of the bridal party or just cover it yourself as a part of the wedding gift.

A Spa Day

If the bride is not much of a wine drinker, perhaps a day in the spa with her closest friends would be more to her liking. You can typically book packages that include a facial, massage, manicures, pedicures, and perhaps a few other treatments. Some spas even offer special packages designed for bachelorette-style parties. Once again, you can expect guests to pay their own way for this one.

Board Game Night

Is the bride more of a nerd than a beauty queen? Perhaps organizing a board game night at your own home would be a fun way to celebrate with her. Ask each of the guests to bring a board game and a snack, and provide the main entree yourself. Pizza and Chinese food both fit the relaxed vibe! If there is a specific game you know the bridge has been dying to play, order it online before the party and then give it to her to take home as a gift.

Contact local wine tours for more information and assistance.