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Oh Look! A Whale!

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Have you ever seen a whale before? Not on the television or in a photo, but have you ever seen one up-close and personal? If not, you need to book a whale-watching tour as soon as you possibly can. There are several different destinations in the United States where you will have the opportunity to see whales, whether you would prefer to see them from a boat or from the shore. Read More»

4 Hotel Features Ideal For Attending Baseball Games

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Attending a live baseball game is exciting and often results in a lot of travel. Instead of venturing all the way back home after a game, a hotel room provides a lot of convenience and easy access. For example, if you saw an Angels game, you could look into hotels close to Anaheim Stadium. Many hotels have features that relate directly to baseball games and booking a room can become a new part of your live baseball game routine. Read More»

4 Tips For Renting A Vacation Home For Your Family

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If you want to go on a vacation with your family and want to have your own place to relax, you will want to rent a vacation home instead of renting hotel rooms. When it comes to renting a vacation home for your family, there are a few things you are going to want to do. Tip #1: Book Far In Advance Booking a vacation home isn’t something you can generally get away with doing the week before you want to go somewhere. Read More»