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Five Tips For Buying Bottles Of Wine When You're Wine Touring

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One of the best parts of wine touring is being able to stock up your pantry at home. Wine touring is not just a lot of fun, but it also gives you the opportunity to purchase wines that aren't available to you every day. 

Take full advantage of your wine shopping opportunities while touring with the following five tips:

Bring a box along

You're going to have trouble toting numerous bottles of wine without a box to carry them in. Don't assume that the vineyard is going to furnish boxes or carrying cases.

It's a good idea to pack your own box along so you'll conveniently be able to keep all your wine bottles together and cart them back home when the tour is over.

Ask staff for advice on finding the best wine for you

Nobody knows more about which wine will best suit your tastes at a particular vineyard than the staff members, many of whom may take part in the winemaking process themselves.

When you discuss your choices with staff members, you can learn about food pairing ideas and further your skills at identifying wines by taste and scent. You might also get tipped off on certain sales and special deals you can take advantage of to get more for your money while purchasing wine.

Splurge on a whole case because you're probably not going to be back anytime soon

If you find a wine you really like, you're going to regret it down the road if you don't splurge and stock up. You don't go on vineyard tours everyday. You may even be touring an area that is miles away or even across the country from your home. 

Get a whole case of wines you really love so that you'll be able to prolong your supply and relive the memories of your tour well into the future. 

Take advantage of tastings before your purchase

If you're clearly going to be making some purchases, the vineyard is likely to be especially generous with free tastings. Take advantage so that you're sure that you find the wine that you most like. 

Do your research before you arrive

It's a good idea to do some research on each vineyard you'll be visiting before your tour. That way, you can learn what each vineyard is best known for and what their speciality is.

Apart from just learning which wines to purchase where, you'll also become aware of other special traditions and attractions of the vineyards you'll be visiting like unique sites to see or historical facts of interest.